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Videoprojector rentals, plasma display rentals, laptop, foto-video, other accessories

Wellcome to our site !

We offer for rent for conferences, fairs and exhibitions, seminars, conferences, training sessions following video and audio equipment:

- videoprojectors
- videoprojector screens
- plasma screen on the mobile support - ideal for exhibition stands
- audio equipment - speakers, audio mixer, wireless microphone
- flipchart, DVD player, support laptop / projector, other accessories

Intrebari frecvente - cel mai bun videoproiector, inchiriere proiector, plasma, laptop, etc.
Offer in English
Instructiuni - inchiriere proiector, ecran plasma / Lcd, laptop, ecran proiectie, camera foto, video etc

Videoprojectors rentals (beamer),

projection screens, in Bucharest Romania

inchiriere retroproiector
Projectors with light power between 2200 and 4000 lumens that have remote, laser pointer, all cable connections
  Rent a videoprojector, rent beamer  
Plasma display rental, Bucharest, Romania (inchiriere plasma)
Rent a plasma screen  

Panasonic Viera 42 inch, TH-PV80 model with mobile stand, nickel pillars, glass support (native resolution - XGA - 1024/768 - HD Ready)


Dell laptop Rentals in Bucharest Romania

Laptop marca Dell 1501, Intel Core Duo / AMD X2, 1,7 - 2 GHz, 1 - 2 Gb Ram, wireless conection
  Rent a laptop
Rent a plasma display with mobile stand

Audio equipments rentals and other accessories, Bucharest Romania

For our rental services to be complete, we provide, when situation demand, other equipment: sound equipment - speakers, audio mixer, microphones (fixed wireless), flipcharts, videocam, etc.
Video, Audio & Equipment Rental Services in Bucharest
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Inchiriere videoproiector, proiector
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Inchiriere videoproiector, inchirieri proiectoare, inchiriere plasma, ecran proiectie, laptop, flipchart-uri, sonorizare etc.